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Brace yourselves…They’re BACK! …and one of them is getting married. Brooklyn’s favorite Italian bawdy yet beautiful broads are invading the peaceful river banks of Bristol Pa with their LIVE broadcast of the Cooking- Singing- Dancing Pre- Wedding Buffet and Venetian Dessert Table show!


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If you don’t enjoy raucous, funny, just slightly vulgar insanity, this might not be for you. If you don’t like food – who do you think you are? Go away! If you need a laugh, on the other hand, and maybe some cake decorating advice while you’re at it, or to see someone – would that be Carmela? – whose love life makes you look like Mata Hari, or at least Liz Taylor, while you learn how to set up a pasta buffet, this is undoubtedly your show, and you need to give these two Brooklyn gals a big Philly welcome.

“Theater review: ‘Calamari Sisters Big Fat Italian Wedding’ cooks up laughs”

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Rachael Ray is known for cooking up some traditional, maybe even good, pasta dishes. “But she’s not even Italian, she’s Sicilian,” chide the gregarious co-hosts of cable network WFAT’s Mangia Italiano!

“Strap in for an evening of hilarity”

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Folks, do yourselves a favor and go to Rochester’s RAPA East End Theatre and check out The Calamari Sisters’ Big Fat Italian Wedding. From the opening scene to the big finale, this is one Big Fat Professional Production.

“The Calamari Sisters are back, and they’re getting married (maybe)”

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They’re baaack… The Calamari Sisters of public access cable cooking show fame have returned to Rochester, their first home, with their third show, “The Calamari Sisters’ Big Fat Italian Wedding,” created by Jay Falzone, Dan Lavender and Stephen Smith, at RAPA’s East End Theatre until July.

“Watch out, they’re back: the Calamari Sisters return to Rochester in May”

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Fresh from their sold-out engagements and rave reviews across the country, those wacky Calamari Sisters will make their triumphant return to Rochester this May for a world premiere: THE CALAMARI SISTERS’ BIG FAT ITALIAN WEDDING. Previews begin on Tuesday, May 3 at the East End Theatre (at RAPA, 727 E. Main St.), with the official opening on Wednesday, May 16.

“Wedding bells for Calamari Sisters”

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Delphine and Carmela Calamari made their local mark as singing, dancing chefs at the Downstairs Cabaret Theatre. That venue championed the sisters’ first two triumphs, Cooking with the Calamari Sisters and Christmas with the Calamari Sisters. , which often sold out their runs.

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